Print Management Solutions

Print is such a diverse product it covers anything from a business card to a printed mug.  Quite often, print is purchased by many departments within an organisation, often using multiple suppliers resulting in a lack of consistency in quality, whilst the true cost of print is absorbed into different cost centres.

Print management is about managing the purchasing, reducing the paper flow and ultimately providing huge cost savings.

Which is where LRG International comes in!  We specialise in sourcing and providing bespoke print solutions and printed matter for the end user, relieving you of the pain.

We do this by conducting a print audit of all printed items used by the company and understanding who orders what, when, why and how often.

Upon reviewing the incumbent supplier base, we can ascertain who and how many suppliers are currently engaged with a view to providing a more stream-lined and sustainable approach to managing print.

Finally, we will put forward a detailed proposal which will provide an effective, more streamlined process which in turn will show a reduction in total print spend.