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Corporate Video Production

As part of our full creative service offering, our talented design studio also specialise in Corporate Video Production, producing engaging and informative visuals for our clients.

At LRG International, we appreciate how crucial it is to get the voice of your company just right in order to deliver a consistent message to your target market.

We pride ourselves on understanding your brand equity and realising your vision onscreen, whilst bringing both style and flair to the final piece.

We shoot on the latest, state-of-the art, RED Epic Dragon camera which shoots RAW video at an outstanding 6K frame size which is an incredible 19 megapixels.

The camera is also capable of up to 300 frames per second and was used to film such features as The Hobbit, Prometheus and The Amazing Spiderman to name but a few. In short, there is no better quality when it comes to video production.

Using the very best technology available on the market, we guarantee to deliver only the most beautifully crafted corporate videos.