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Global Product Sourcing

Global product sourcing can seem a daunting task but our resources and constant presence in both the Far East and throughout Europe provide you with a distinct advantage.

Through our offices in Asia and the UK, we have developed the infrastructure to enable us to source and manufacture absolutely anything from only the most reputable suppliers whilst satisfying the market demand for high quality product, delivered on time at the most competitive prices.

As guardians of your brand, we conduct our business in an ethical manner and we expect our business partners to share our Corporate Social Responsibility concerns.

Our CSR Standards provide detailed information to factories about requirements and best practices for meeting our expectations. Furthermore, it is crucial that all factories with which we work develop the necessary processes and procedures for sustaining compliance on an on-going basis.

Finally, our quality control team will bring a critical eye to the entire manufacturing process, ensuring the brief is adhered to and your products are upheld to the very last detail so you can feel secure in the knowledge that your brand is in safe hands.

We are not just a supplier, but your manufacturing partner.