Branded Merchandise

Premiums play a vital role in the marketing mix and are instrumental in driving sales of your core business.

Ultimately, premiums are an extension of your brand, thus they need to effectively encapsulate your core values and resonate with your target market.

As a result, we collaborate closely with your marketing team and brand partners to gain a deep insight into the brand and promotional strategy to enable us to deliver the optimum solution.

With the brief clear, we pride ourselves on both our vast experience and creative flair in delivering only the most innovative and engaging premiums, to the highest quality standards.

Our merchandisers develop a deep understanding of your brand so as to provide expert advice in choosing the right promotional products that fit your brand identity.

Once the desired merchandise has been selected, we oversee the product design, packaging design, global sourcing, manufacture and quality control of all your promotional products.

Not only does this ensure that the essence of your brand is reflected through the promotional products we deliver, but also the quality is consistent across the range so as to uphold your brand’s integrity.

Once we have brought your promotional products to life, we can run corporate web stores via your own branded online portal to provide you with complete control and greater efficiency in managing your entire organisation’s marketing and promotional activities.

Please feel free to check out our online catalogue.  This is just a small selection of our promotional products… what we can do for your brand is endless!

We specialise in designing and delivering bespoke, branded merchandise for the retail sector.

Our creative team will work closely with you to identify the right item to satisfy consumer demand, whilst reinforcing your core values and brand identity.

If it has been produced before, our global sourcing team will find the appropriate production partner to meet both quality and budget.

Alternatively, if you wish to produce something completely unique, our design studio excel in developing innovative product concepts that bring your vision to life.

So why not get in touch and see how we can give your brand the X factor.